What Our Clients Have to Say

  • Thank god for people like Stephen and Brooke. I couldn’t have found a better lawyer. I would definitely recommend you. Just everything was done great.

    Charles & Reva S. Castle Rock, Colorado
  • Thank you for making everything run so smoothly on my bankruptcy case. Your approach was straightforward and friendly, and Brooke was very helpful. I also appreciate your assistance in helping me rebuild my credit. I highly recommend your office to anyone in the same situation. Thanks again for helping me get a fresh start!

    A.S. Denver, Colorado
  • During the five years that Steve was my lawyer he provided excellent service and consistently compassionate caring for my well being. He was a true friend in the strict professional sense of the word. At no time did I doubt his judgement. Mr. Craig saved thousands of dollars for me and helped me to establish credit. I would and will retain Mr. Craig as my attorney at any time.

    Ann L. Thornton, Colorado
  • In December my divorce lawyer informed me that I would need to hire a bankruptcy lawyer to protect myself financially from my ex-husbands debts, and was referred to Stephen Craig. It was one of the best choices I ever made in a very difficult time. …From when I first met with him, and every time after that I was aware of how much he cared about what was happening to me on a personal level. …Stephen was sensitive about the questions he asked, but never beat around the bush to get what was needed to prepare for our court date. He also answered every question I had with a depth that put me at ease, and never acted as if my lack of understanding was ever silly. He always said he was glad to answer any questions as best he could, and if he didn’t know he would find out. When I called the office, I always heard back promptly. In preparation for the court day, Stephen made sure I got all the papers filled out and turned in to him. Imagine my relief that he was so good, that he would prepare ahead for me with no last minute surprises. When we got to court, as luck would have it, I got a real grumpy, bitter trustee. Stephen was reassuring to the point where I realized I had a true good protector that would really take me through this process unscathed. As I sat in court watching what was happening to other people going through their bankruptcies, watching them lose homes, cars and businesses due to their lawyers not preparing them well, is when I REALLY realized how fortunate I was to have Stephen at my side. Not only had he prepared my case so thoroughly that I had lost nothing, going smoothly and easily through without a hitch, but Stephen handled a difficult trustee with dignity and grace and a positive attitude that was beautiful to watch. He refused to enter into anger and panic that the trustee was trying to make everyone else feel…he was even reassuring other lawyers that it would be okay. Stephen’s legal grace and dignity added to my grace and dignity at a very difficult time, and aided me into my own personal freedom from the havoc of my past. This to me is true justice. He helped me into a realization that there is justice in the system, and I feel I have been very privileged to have him as my lawyer and now consider him a very valuable friend. I highly recommend you hiring Stephen Craig for your lawyer. If however you want someone who will “play the game” in the dishonest way some lawyers do, this is not Stephen. But if you are a person who wants a good job done by someone who is a real person who cares about what happens to you, he is your man. My deep thanks and heart felt appreciation goes out to Stephen and Brooke for being the ones to bring me through this time in triumph and dignity for a future of freedom.

    Kori G. Bailey, Colorado
  • We thought the service was great. When we had a question and had to leave a message, we always got a prompt call back. Thanks for doing a great job.

    Patty & Mike H. Brighton, Colorado
  • Mr. Craig, I wish to thank you for being my attorney. My wife and I have been very pleased with your services and guidance. I have had contact with many attorneys over the past 27 years, and none of them were as knowledgeable as you. You have always given my wife and I …good advice when we had a problem and we respect your honest, truthful approach. I want to thank you my friend. God bless you and your family.

    Homer S. Denver, Colorado
  • We were very satisfied with your quality of service. We would recommend you to our friends. Thanks Steve and Brooke.

    Brigette H. Lakewood, Colorado
  • I just wanted to drop you a line expressing our thanks to you in helping us get our taxes reduced by $25,000 plus dollars for the 1994 filing year. I think the by the way the appeal was written, showing all the pertinent facts, it made it quite convenient for the IRS to look at the case. Once again, thanks for your help.

    Herman S. Highlands Ranch, Colorado
  • With the help of your great expertise, I’m able to breathe better with a big sigh of relief. You will indeed be highly recommended to those who may cross my path and need your services.

    Danielle H Edgewater, Colorado
  • Service was informative and affordable. Mr. Craig was pleasant to work with.

    Stuart W. Parker, Colorado