Typically, the fee for our services ranges from $1000-1500. It may be higher if you own a business, have a large number of creditors, have a lot of assets, or other complicating situations. If you would like an exact quote, please fill out the FREE Online Consultation form, submit it to us and we will have you a quote usually within 24-48 hours. We start with $200 down and set up a monthly payment plan on the remainder. Once you pay the $200 retainer you may then refer your creditors to our office and we will deal with them. Then we ask that you find a way to pay in full within about 90 days.

If you cannot afford our fees, please let me know, and I can refer you to a less expensive attorney. The least expensive attorneys are typically newer attorneys who have done perhaps 20-100 cases and do not have the experience our office has (we have filed over 3000 cases), but in the simplest of cases, our level of experience may not be necessary.